International Relations and EU Coordination Office

           The University’s leading role in society and its experience are significant assets to improve Turkey’s integration into Europe in the fields of research and education. Based on that purpose, Kırıkkale University EU Office started to operate under the framework of President’s Office of Kırıkkale University in July 2004.

            Coordination of knowledge sharing and organisation of the exchange programs between Turkey and the EU constitute the major duties of the EU Office in the field of education. In this context, analysis and improvement of the education opportunities (Socrates Youth, Leonardo), direction of the information to relevant people and institutions and provision of the infrastructure for exchange programs are at the core of our responsibilities.

            The EU Office supports projects and programs in order to provide the participation and contribution of our academic staff to different research areas. For this purpose, establishment of University-wide communication, provision of an improved network among national and international people and institutions, effective direction of information to the relevant faculties and departments are among the EU Office’s priorities. For more information please click leafted 1 and leafted 2.                        

Eramus ID Code: TR KIRIKKA01