Application Procedures for Incoming Students
To apply to Kırıkkale University as an Erasmus student, your Faculty/Department must be party to a bilateral agreement with the Faculty/Department you would like to study at Kırıkkale University. A complete application by Erasmus students requires the submission of the Incoming Application Form together with Grade Transcript, Learning Agreement, copy of passport and 5 Photographs. All forms are available on 

All required forms and photographs must be send bey post to our office.

Contact Address
Kırıkkale Üniversitesi
Dış İlişkiler ve AB Koordinasyon Birimi
Merkez Kütüphane
71450 Yahşihan, Kırıkkale/Türkiye

   : +90 318 357 37 43
Fax         : +90 318 357 37 43
Application Dates
Final submission 15 July for the autumn semester
Final submission 15 December for the spring semester
Orientation Programme
We have an orientation programme for the incoming students before the courses.
Obtaining Residence Permit
It is imperative that all incoming students obtain a residence permit within the first week of their arrival. International Office will help incoming students to file the required documentation and direct them appropriately.
Cost of Living
Life in Türkiye is far cheaper than in most European countries, so living expenses for international students can be much lower than they calculate. An average Turkish student will need about 200-300 Euros per month, which could be a helpful clue for a foreign student planning to study at Kırıkkale University.