Our University, founded in 1992, is a developed and dynamic university in Turkey, with 12 faculties, a school of forein languages, 7 vocational schools, 3 graduate schools, 17 research centers, two hospitals, a technocity, a technology transfer office, several research laboratories and TS EN ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System Certificate.

Our university, a member of European Universities Association and   International Association of Universities, has made bilateral  agreements with various national and international universities, and increased the number of exchange programmes for both students and academics.

As Kırıkkale University, we attach importance to university-industry cooperation. By the R&D activities carried out at the technocity, we aim to contribute to economic and technological development of our region.

Our University will go on contributing to humanity in all aspects by improving the experience, potential and dynamism that it has and will go on improving its capacity by new departments and programmes.


Standing on the banks of the river Kızılırmak, Kırıkkale University is situated at a place far from the hustle and bustle of the city and yet, it is a place where one can quickly and easily reach the cultural and social facilities of the urban life.

Founded in 1992, Kırıkkale University aims to contribute to our country’s academic life in the aspect of scientific works and academic culture. It ranks among the best universities in our country in terms of the number of students per lecturer.

Its closeness to Ankara makes it an attractive place for many students as they can easily reach the facilities of the capital city.

Beside the education and scientific works done in various academic units mentioned in this leaflet, Kırıkkale University offers the students a great academic atmosphere with sport areas, libraries, dormitories, many scientific,    cultural and art events and the annual Spring Fest organized by student clubs numbered around 60.


Kırıkkale University Rectorate - Main Campus

71450, Yahşihan, Kırıkkale - TÜRKİYE phone: +90 318 357 36 44, 357 42 42 (pbx)

fax: +90 318 357 36 94 e-mail:


Main campus of Kırıkkale University is located on Ankara-Kırıkkale Highway, 7 km away from the city centre in an area of 5.500 acres. Most of the academic and administrative units are located on the main campus. While Faculty of Health Sciences is located in city centre; Keskin Vocational School, Delice V.S., Fatma Şenses Social  Sciences V.S. and Hacılar V.S. are situated in the relevant towns.

Library and Documentation Service

Our University libraries offer services in three different  locations. Beside the Rauf Dentaş Central Library, there are  modern libraries within the Faculty of Medicine and Keskin Vocational School. The number and the variety of books,  periodicals and other audio-visual materials in our libraries is increasing day by day.

Our libraries possess 97.559 printed books and 345.908 e-books in 52 databases. Our Central Library currently subscribes to 32 printed and 84.076 electronic periodicals. Apart from thousands of books, there are 1.280 materials of various kinds in the libraries.

Academic Calendar

Student Clubs

Students can engage in countless indoor and outdoor activities organized by student clubs numbered around 60 dealing with sports, arts, environment, literature, etc. such as Mountaineering and Skiing Sports Club, Environment Club, Theatre Club, Folk Dances Club, and World Youth Club.

Bank-Post Office

In addition to ATMs (Automated Teller Machines), there is a post office within the campus area, where students can perform most banking transactions. International credit cards such as VISA, MasterCard and American Express are valid in almost all locations where you will purchase services or products such as hotels, shops or travel agencies.

Sports Facilities

In the main campus there is a tartan track, a stadium, two indoor sports halls, three football fields in total -two astro turfs and a turf football field, six volleyball fields, seven basketball fields, two tennis courts, a sandpit for beach volley and beach handball, a physical education and sports laboratory and an indoor fitness center.

Also, in the Faculty of Health Sciences there is a basketball field and a volleyball field. There are two football fields -a turf football field and a dust field-  and a sports complex -consisting of a basketball and a volleyball field and also an indoor fitness center- in Keskin Vocational School. In Hacılar Hüseyin Aytemiz Vocational School there is a basketball field and a volleyball field.

How to Get to the University

The Main Campus is situated on the Kırıkkale - Ankara main road, 7 km away from the city center. Shuttles between the University and the city centre are operated on a certain timetable. It takes only an hour to travel to the University main campus from Ankara by coach.

Continuing Education Center

Our center is in charge of short and long term training programs in a great variety of research and consulting projects in every field. By developing cooperation with public and private sectors as well as international organizations, it contributes to educational and academic activities of the University. In this context, various courses and certificate programs are being carried out.

Distance Education Center

Equipped with an advanced technology, the Distance Education Center, beside the computer courses, offers certificate programmes in various fields such as workplace safety and workplace medicine.

How to get to University?
Main campus is located on Kırıkkale-Ankara Highway, 7 km away from the city center. Shuttles between the University and the city centre are operated non-stop. From Ankara by coach, it takes only an hour to travel to the University. With the High Speed Train Project finished, it will be easier to travel to the University from Ankara.


Our Office was established in 2004 for the coordination of mobility programmes, relations with international institutions and the projects carried out.

The Office coordinates national and international mobility programmes such as ERASMUS+, FARABİ and MEVLANA and supports academics in research projects. The coordination of incoming students and academic staff from partner institutions is also held by the Office.

In addition, the Office acts as an International Students Office, which coordinates the selection and registration process of the international students.


Kırıkkale University

International Relations and EU Coordination Office Farabi/Mevlana Institutional Coordinatorship

Main Campus, 71450 Yahşihan, Kırıkkale - TÜRKİYE

phone/fax: +90 318 357 37 43 e-mail:

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