Standing on the banks of the river Kızılırmak, Kırıkkale University is situated at a place far from the hustle and bustle of the city life and yet, it is a place where one can quickly and easily reach the cultural and social facilities of the urban life.
Founded in 1992, Kırıkkale University contributes a lot to our country with its highly-skilled academic staff and modern technical equipment. It ranks among the best universities in our country in terms of the number of students per lecturer. Its closeness to Ankara makes it an attractive place for many students as they can easily reach the scientific, cultural and social facilities of the capital city.
As of today, education in Kırıkkale University is carried on in 10 Faculties, 1 School of Physical Education and Sports, 5 Vocational Schools and 3 Graduate Schools. 

Special importance is attached to lifelong learning in Kırıkkale University, with its newly formed centers: Distance Education Centre and Continuing Education Centre.

Communication with the University
Kırıkkale Üniversitesi Rektörlüğü
Merkez Kampus
71450Yahşihan, Kırıkkale/Türkiye
Phone    : +90 318 357 36 44
                  +90 318 357 42 42 (20) PBX
Fax         : +90 318 357 36 94
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The main campus of Kırıkkale University is situated on Ankara-Kırıkkale main road 7 km away from the city center in an area of 5500 acres. All units of the university, except for Keskin Vocational School, Hacılar H.Aytemiz Vocational School, Delice Vocational School, Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Dentistry, are located on the main campus.

Academic Calendar
Fall Semester                                                  : September - January
Final Exams for Fall Semester                        : Mid January     
Make-up examination for Fall Semester        : February
Spring Semester                                              : March – June
Final Exams for Spring Semester                   : Mid June
Make-up examination for Spring Semester   : June – July
Kırıkkale University is a state university which is supported mainly by state funds. The formal Head of the University is the Rector who implements the resolutions of the governing bodies of higher education and the university board and also ensures coordination among organizations attached to the university. The University Senate is the chief academic body at the university level and responsible for coordinating the academic activities of the university.

Students are admitted to the faculties and schools of the university in accordance with the University Entrance Examination results determined by the Student Selection and Placement Center (OSYM) in Ankara or the results of the aptitude test held by the university itself for some schools. Admission to graduate studies (master and doctoral studies) is in accordance with the academic rules and regulations concerning graduate studies as set by the University of Kırıkkale Graduate Schools’ Rules and Regulations.

Life at Our University
Kırıkkale University has adequate accommodation facilities. There are lots of state and private dormitories for both boys and girls, very close to the campus. There are flats to rent, as well, around the campus and in the city centre for students, who like to be independent.

There are refectories, canteens, a central cafeteria big enough to serve 3000 students at a time and a central kitchen on the main campus. There is also a restaurant where academic and administrative staff can have breakfast, lunch and dinner. In addition to the canteens and cafeterias in the extension campuses, a fully-equipped kitchen in the hospital conducting under the Faculty of Medicine meets the catering needs of the staff, the students and the patients.

Medical Facilities
The Directorate of Health, Culture and Sports Affairs located on campus conducts medico-social services. This department offers health service to all university employees and students. Students having no national health insurance are transferred to Research and Application Hospital or any other hospitals and their expenses are paid by the university. The Faculty of Dentistry, established in 2002, provides dental care for the students, the employees, local people, and other peopleliving in neighbouring cities.

Financial Support for Students
Students, academically successful and/or in need of financial aid, may be supported by various sources within and outside the university. The University Funds and several national and local NGOs provide scholarships for university students.
The Turkish Government has cultural exchange agreements with various countries. Foreign applicants should contact Turkish Embassies in their own countries about the possibility of receiving a scholarship from the Turkish Government.

Registrar’s Office
Registrar’s office is a central office for all of the students for admission, registration and other administrative matters.

Erasmus/ECTS Institutional Coordinator
Prof. Dr. Hakan KOCAMIŞ

Kırıkkale Üniversitesi Rektörlüğü
Merkez Kampus
71450 Yahşihan Kırıkkale/Türkiye

International Relations and EU Coordination Office
The EU office was established in 2004 for the institutional support to the student/staff mobility and to the projects carried out within the scope of Erasmus Programme. The EU office supports projects and programmes in order to provide the participation and contribution of our academic staff to different research areas. For this purpose, establishment of University-wide communication, provision of an improved network among national and international people and institutions, effective direction of information to the relevant faculties and departments are among the EU office’s priorities.
Contact Address
Kırıkkale Üniversitesi
Dış İlişkiler ve AB Koordinasyon Birimi 
Merkez Kütüphane
71450 Yahşihan Kırıkkale/Türkiye

Phone: +90 318 357 37 43   
Fax: +90 318 357 37 43

We have bilateral agreements with various universities in Europe within the scope of Erasmus programme. The EU office supports projects and programmes in order to provide the participation and contribution of our academic staff to different research areas.

Social Facilities
Student Clubs
Students can engage in countless indoor and outdoor activities organized by 40 student clubs dealing with sports, arts, environment, literature, etc. such as Mountaineering and Skiing Sports Club, Environment Club, Theatre Club and Turkish Folk Dances Club. Students are encouraged to form new clubs or participate in the existing ones.  

Sports Facilities
On the main campus there is one football pitch in standard size, apart from two synthetic football pitches, a beach football pitch, sevenvolleyball and six basketball fields, an athletic field, a tennis court and an indoor gym. We have also a heated swimming pool and a shock pool along with the necessary equipment for weight lifting workouts and wrestling. Students in Keskin and Delice can also enjoy similar opportunities.

Foreign Language Center
In Foreign Languages Education, Research and Application Center (KUYADIM), language courses are given to those who wish to learn new foreign languages and to improve their current levels of foreign language and also prepare students for proficiency exams such as TOEFL.

How to Get to the University
The Main Campus is situated on the Kırıkkale - Ankara main road, 7 km away from the city center. Shuttles between the University and the city centre are operated on a certain timetable. It takes only an hour to travel to the University main campus from Ankara by coach.

Bank-Post Office
In addition to ATMs (Automated Teller Machines), there is a post office within the campus area, where students can perform most banking transactions.
International credit cards such as VISA, MasterCard and American Express are valid in almost all locations where you will purchase services or products such as hotels, shops or travel agencies.

Library and Documentation Service
Our University libraries offer services in three different locations increasing the number and the variety of books, periodicals and other audio-visual materials from day to day. Beside the Central Library, there is a modern library within the structure of the Faculty of Medicine. Keskin Vocational School has a modern library, as well. Our libraries possess over 73.000 books in total, 60.000 of which are in Turkish and 13.000 of which are in foreign languages. Our Central Library currently subscribes to approximately 49 periodicals published in Turkish.
Our University also subscribes to over 50 data-bases containing electronic journals and books which all academic staff and students can access via Onelog Remote Access Program.

Student Council
Student Council consists of elected representatives of students from each academic unit. The president of the council can attend the Senate meetings to represent students on academic and administrative matters.